Dance Classes

For ballet dance classes, tap dance classes, modern dance classes and more in Stockport choose Clare Pickford School of Dance


Our school is run in three separate locations, Marple Conservative Club on Monday’s, Hazel Grove on Tuesday evenings at Norbury Church and Buxton at Burbage Institute on Wednesdays, all venues are large, clean and safe rooms with everything your child needs for a fantastic dance lesson.

Professional dance teachers in Stockport


Clare Pickford School of Dance have over 15 years’ experience teaching dance to young people. All our dance teachers have a huge love and passion for what they do which shines through when teaching. We think our students’ high level of exam results are a testament to the hard work that we put in during every lesson.


Ballet dance


Ballet is a great way to improve your flexibility and get in to shape, allowing you tell a story through movement. Ballet is a great skill to have as it helps with posture, flexibility and breathing techniques which will help you hugely in whatever type of dance you choose.

Tap dance


Tap dance is a fun, vibrant way of expressing emotion through rhythmical tapping with your feet. It is a dance that you perform wearing special shoes with metal taps fitted underneath the shoe.

Modern dance


Modern dance was developed in the 20th century after classical ballet was found. Our modern dance classes help teach the dancer to make their own interpretations and feelings by adding emotion and telling a story throughout a structure of different steps.

Disco dance


Our disco dance classes at Clare Pickford School of Dance are fun and upbeat and performed to disco music. It is a great dance class to choose if you are looking for something fun, energetic and vibrant. Take a look at our class timetable for more information on what time the classes take place.

Street dance


Street dance is a style of dance where you don’t have to follow a specific routine. Although a routine will be a taught, street dance allows you to improvise moves on the spot. Street dance is performed a lot of the time in streets and as flash mobs, mixing hip hop with break dancing and adding your own spin.

If you’re looking to join a dance class in Marple, Buxton or Hazel Grove, look no further then Clare Pickford School of Dance Call us now on 07879 651 724